Do you want to re-fit your shop?

by Omar4ik

First of all is important to know that you must use an architect that is licensed in the territory of Italy.

Isn't easy to summarize all different possibilities, the situation can develop in many ways...

Let see the easiest:

“Ordinary Maintenance”

Small size shop;
Shop located out of down-town;
Shop located out of particular heritage area;
Shop located in a standard building;
No change of any internal wall;
No change of air condition unit;
No change of windows, doors or shutters;
No changes from previous shop activity;
Only one contractor company with no sub-contractors;
All documents in order with register of landed property;
All documents in order with city administration.

If your project fit all of this options will be really easy: No application to the local authority for the works. You have just to collect some documents. This is because if you don't pull down or build up a wall, if you just change the floor or make some technical renovation are classified like simple works

“Extraordinary Maintenance and Renovation”

All the time you touch the walls and you completely change the electric or pipe lines it's consider like extraordinary maintenance: you need to prepare an application named D.I.A.

“Protected Buildings and Areas”

If the building is located in city center or any other particular area: you need to prepare an other application named: Autorizzazione Paesaggistica.

If the building is really important sometimes you can't do almost anything 'cause is protected.

“More problematic situations”

If the previous owners did some mistakes you have to fix all of them, otherwise you can't present the new project. This situation happens more often that you can imagine, and is absolutely necessary to fix all the documents and the shop itself before any other work.

If you want to change material, colors, shape, size of doors or shutters you need to ask as well to the building manager.

If you want to change the shop front sign of shop you need a special permission from advertising office of city administration

If you need to park lorries or to have yard outside in the public areas you need to pay rent and you have to be authorized

Bars and restaurants have special rules.
Basements have special rules.
Security problems with Fire Department for big retail units.
Handicap access warranty.
Security cameras rules. Privacy and so on.
Advertising: Any names or logos must be authorized.

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